Thursday, March 16, 2006

some of the time...

"Some of the time the future comes right round to haunt me / Some of the time the future comes round just to see / that all is as it should be / all is there to remind me, we've got to wait and see / We've got to let it be,"

I wish I could remember where I heard these lyrics and the reason I put them here. Now I have to sit down and contemplate the reason. I think I'll need a strong drink for that. It was sometime in February and I was listening to some new - at the time - music.

There isn't much to say about new music so far this year - few noteworthy releases such as Arctic Monkeys, Belle and Sebastian, Beth Orton and a new collection by Greek DJ Dimitris Papaspyropoulos come to mind. I will post their reviews shortly. Mainly I've been listening again to some CDs released late last year.

Going back to those lyrics posted above, I get a sense of optimism out of them. A hopeful sense that no matter what the future will bring, in the end everything will be alright. It may be youthful naivite that is prompting the singer to sing these lyrics, or maybe some form of resignation to the notion that the future (whatever it is) it will always bring what it's supposed to and we cannot change that.