Sunday, July 31, 2005

books you'll never see on Oprah's list

Here's a list of books I bet Oprah will not be recommending on her show or website. They are in no particular order or subject matter. I haven't really considered the possibility that some of these books may or may not have been mentioned by the guests on the show.

I have moved the list over to the sidebar and will continue to update it on a regular basis. Also, if you want, just send me your favourite books for consideration.

Peace, Love and Understanding

Saturday, July 30, 2005

if you could read my mind...

it seems our dreams
turned into smoke
and scattered by the wind
in this small life.

it seems you were a beacon
to find my way in the dark
of night, where my steps
brought me in this small life.

it seems that life never ends
no matter how quickly it passes
you by, like your name i wrote
in the sand before the waves.

it seems the first kiss is the last,
the one i search in every passing
face, a sun breaking through
the clouds in this small life.

the summer...

...doldrum days are here as we head into the final summer month, August. With only about 150 days left before the end of the year, I'm trying to spend as much time as I can enjoying the beautiful summer weather and the beaches of New England. Especially since winter here in the Northeast is really not all that far away.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

i've gotten...

...lazy these past few weeks and haven't posted for some time. My apologies, the Oscillation Overthruster was out of order. So here it goes, some updates from life in the Northeast.

For the July 4th weekend, and of course, Canada Day, I visited the North Shore. More specifically, I spent time around Cape Ann (Rockport), and went a little further up to Ipswich, where it is believed to have the best fried clams in New England. They do! Ipswich-Essex is also full of parks and the home of Crane Beach - two miles of white sand and clean waters. Oh yeah, and some rocks too!

For those who don't know, Rockport is an artists' colony in Cape Ann. Very much a tourist trap, and up until, and including, the weekend I was there, a dry town! Now, after 70-odd years restaurants and other such establishments are allowed to serve alcohol on their premises. Imagine that! I wonder how did the artists managed to get any work done then?

The beaches though were nice, some were off to the side and away from all the crowds, and the water was nice and clear. Late afternoon, early evening swims were the best, looking at the sun slowly going down, and then rushing out to get the camera and capture to other than just memory such fine sites!

Friday, July 08, 2005

the world... a terrible place, if when the leaders of the most powerful and richest nations in the world gather together in order to try and help others less fortunate, despite their political and ideological differences, and a bunch of nameless cowards take on innocent people by slaughtering and maiming them on their way to make something better of themselves. But, despite all that, despite these violent acts of cowardice, humanity will never give up, humanity will continue to strive towards improving its condition on this planet, and will never surrender to extremism.

Peace, Love and Understanding

Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Canada Day and ...

...Happy July 4th to all!

As a Canadian living in the US, I am celebrating both holidays. Being spending few days around the North Shore. See all y'all (ha!) upon my return.