Wednesday, January 04, 2006

chasing you...

I spent so many sleepless nights for you,
I spent so many days chasing you,
Trying to find a way to reach you.

My hair was dark like the night when first
I laid eyes on you as we crossed paths, but
Now has slowly turned to salt and pepper.

My hair is more salt than pepper these days,
And still I chase after you in hidden pathways.
Across the continents and over the seas.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

this piece of earth...

...virtual earth actually, was left unattended and almost uncared for for a while now. But who can blame its caretaker, for the soil grew solid, frozen as the once familiar winter made its presence known again. Maybe with a little care this can change and something will grow again.

I decided to take a trip the week of Christmas, visit old stomping grounds where I used to live at once. There are so many people I haven't seen after the day I made that fateful decision to become part of the brain drain. That's an affliction that not too long ago had been very hard on my once-adopted home country, Canada. Highly qualified graduates, post graduates, and experienced professionals embarked on a trip to test the waters south of the border. In a sense they heard the siren call of the greenback, less taxation, more freedom, and whatever else is supposed to come from south of the 49th parallel. Oh yeah, and the warmer weather...I am not certain of the statistics now, but I am sure the exodus continues.

There was a small detour on the way to Toronto by way of Atlanta, stopping there to meet old friends, friends that I have missed since moving to Boston eight months ago. Friendship is something that endures the passage of time and the difficulties of life. And it is a wonderful feeling you experience meeting someone you haven't seen for a while, reconnecting, and continuing almost from where you left of. I was lucky to have enjoyed such a feeling twice - in Atlanta and Toronto.